Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016


So, I'm going to write 5 questions about one of my posts here. If you want to, you could try answering. If not, well, it's OK.

1. Where was the place I wrote about in my blog?

A. The Louvre Museum

B. Disneyland
C. Bamboo Forrest
D. Traffic Park
E. Your Lovely Little Heart

2. When did I go to that place?

A. 7th Grade
B. 8th Grade
C. 9th Grade
D. 10th Grade
E. Never went there

3. Why did I go to that place?

A. Because it was cool
B. Because I was an illegal immigrant
C. Because I was playing hide and seek
D. Because I went on an expedition with my school
E. Never went there

4. What division did I join?
A. Logistic
B. Bamboo Gathering
C. Publication
D. Documentation
E. Never went there

5. What was one of the things I liked about the place?

A. It was messy
B. There was nothing to see
C. The air was clear
D. I could run around freely
E. There was you


Easy, right?
Here are the answers.
1. C
2. B
3. D
4. D
5. C


So, that's all for this post.
Hope you have fun answering them.
See you in my next post.

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