Minggu, 02 April 2017


This time, as the tittle says, I'm going to post a crossword I made with my friend, Dwi. Check out her blog too!
Also try solving this! I know it's kinda easy but it would be fun for your free time!!

Here are the clues for it!!


1.       The first and eighth note of a major scale
2.       Ask someone earnestly for something
3.       An aim or desired result
4.       The antonym of dead
5.       Oily or greasy substance occurring in bodies
6.       The antonym of dumb
7.       A word used to refer something belonging to the person the speaker is addressing
8.       Keep and store up something in the past
9.       Large mammals of the family Elephantidae
10.   Liquid obtained from fruits or vegetables
11.   A preposition to explain a period of time
12.   A shade or variety of color
13.   People in Train to Busan run away from this
14.   The synonym of pig
15.   The pointed/rounded end of something slender/tapering


1.       Anserini
2.       Knife, hammer, etc. Are tools for ...ing someone
3.       The day before today
4.       Sciuridae
5.       The synonym of common, mutual, corporate
6.      A thing made from glass, marble, clay
7.       Used when the weather is hot
8.       The synonym of great, fabulous, terrific, superb
9.       A tool used for chopping trees
10.   Capra aegagrus hircus
11.   The baby is very ...
12.   The movement of air

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