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So, I'm going to write about my experience at Megantara. Megantara is a culture festival held by 3 Senior High School. This year, the culture festival is held on the 10th of September 2016 in Bali Field.

As a 10th grader, I was told to come at 7 am to join the parade. It was kinda fun but also kinda exhausting. I also brought a camera so i could take pictures of it.
Those are some of my friends who took pictures before the parade started.

Some pre-schoolers also joined the parade. 

 After some while, we started the parade.

 So, this is the front gate of Megantara.

After the parade, i changed my clothes and ate while waiting for the gate to open. After the gate opened, I went inside and got checked by the school security commonly known as KANST. Then I went into a tunnel that leads to the basket court. I saw stands and some monuments. First was Sumatera.

Those are some famous monuments in Sumatera. The one with the garuda bird on it is Tugu Nol Kilometer, it marks the 0 Km of Indonesia. And the white monument is Jam Gadang. Jam gadang is a clocktower and is one of the major landmarks of Bukittinggi which is located in West Sumatera.

Turning right, we enter the Jawa zone. First we could see a sign with "Jawa" written on it. Inside it, we could see traditional food stands and a set of gamelan. Visitors are allowed to play it as long as they don't break it.

Then after walking for a while, we could see a big portrait or big art piece or something in front of stands. I didn't take a photo of the stands, but i too a photo of the masterpiece(?). It looked really good. There were writings, and drawings. There was a drawing of a bird which became the focus, a drawing of a city, which I guess is Bandung, a flock of birds and some constellations. There were also writings, there were "Megantara" and a quote from Indonesia's first president, Ir. Soekarno.

Walking a little bit more we came to the Kalimantan zone.  There was also food stands and a game. The game was trying to hit the styrofoam with something by blowing it. I know it isn't clear, but that's the function of the photos :) At first there was painting of a boat and the landscape but in the end they were gone.

The next zone is Sulawesi. Like all the other zones, there was a sign before the zone. There was a painting of paterns which people used as a photobooth. There was also a game I don't know what it was, I just saw them jumping.

 The last zone is Papua zone. As usual, a sign with "Papua" written on it. There was face painting stand for painting your face. And there was a Ghost House for testing your bravery. I didn't go in the ghost house, because I don't really like ghost houses. There was also a painting of houses. There were also food trucks.

After that, there was a stage for the performers. There were some space in front of the stage for watching the performance, the space was divided into 2 parts, the left and the right. At first there wasn't much people because it was hot, but after 2/3 O'clock it became kind of full and in the evening it got really full. Beside the spaces there were food trucks. And in the middle was for the documentation team and the system that controls the screen on the stage. On top of the stage was a big styrofoam bird.

When I got there, I saw the performance from Darul Hikam, but i didn't take a photo of them. Then there was Bali dance.

After that there was a performance by Band 3.

Then there was some kind of dance again, but i forgot where it was from.

After that, there was a performance by LSS(Lingkup Seni Sunda) and KPA3(Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3).

There were other performances like singing groups, people playing instruments, a traditional fashion show, a wayang show, a theater and some guest stars. But unfortunately I didn't get to see the guest stars because i had to go home before that, so I didn't get to take pictures.

That's my experience at Megantara.

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