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So... My English teacher, told me to not keep this blog empty, so she told us to make another post... yeay... Now, I'm going to tell any creature lurking in this blog one experience I got in my school, as you can all guess, it's about WTTF

WTTF is an acronym for World Tournament Technology Festival, if I'm not mistaken. So, we, the 10th and 11th graders, walk around to posts that have games inside it. Then we compete with each each other in that post. Because I'm X Science 8, we competed against XI Science 8. Besides competing against each other, we were given 2 water balloons to kill aliens. The aliens were seniors wearing raincoats, i guess so they wouldn't get wet.

So, my first post was in Bali field, in the basketball court to be precise. We competed who was the fastest one to raise the right answer. All of the questions were about technology. After all the questions were answered, the winner was announced. It was the 11th grader's win. After that we went to the next post.

The next post was in a park which i forgot the name, we made cardboard robots with stuff provided by the seniors. The fun part of this post we found 2 aliens and shot one of them. And this was our first win, i don't know how, but we won. Hooray. 

So we went to other posts in photography park, some places in 3 senior high school like in front of the new hall, in 11th grade classroom, in 3&5 corridor, in the front of the school, music park and Bali field again. In those post we did many things like playing twister in photography park, watching a movie in 11th grade classroom, chasing aliens in the corridor, answering questions in front of the new hall, eating spicy noodle in front of the school, playing another game in music park, playing flappy bird, and playing chasing the queen. After we all finished the posts, we went to Bali field and sat there for a while. While we were sitting, the seniors gave us another challenge, we had to catch the aliens running around the football field and ask them for pieces of puzzles.

After that, we were told to complete that puzzle. 32018 vs 32019. Some helped but some others just sat because maybe they feel they won't be any good. I thought it would be easy since there were many people and numbers behind the styrofoam, but apparently it took longer. After we were done, we were told to gather together again for the announcement of the winners. The winner of the puzzle was the 10th graders, i was really surprised. For the best class of the 11th grade, the winner was XI science 5. And the best class for 10th grade was unexpectedly, X Science 8, my class, wow!! 

So this was my version of WTTF, I'm sorry if there was any mistakes in this post of mine. See you, any readers of this blog, in my next post!

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