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My Unforgetable Experience

Today, I'll write about one of my unforgetable experience

One of my unforgetable experience is PROSPEK XVII. PROSPEK is an abbreviation for "Program Sepekan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat". So as the tittle says, it's an event which we go to a village for a week and help there. It is an event for every 9th graders before graduating from my junior high school.

Prospek XVII was on the 22nd to 29th May 2016. My year went to a village in Sumedang, to be precise it was in Cikeusi. The participants were all of the 9th graders that year. The theme of Prospek XVII was "Nemba Elmu Sararea" which means finding knowledge together. We were all hoping to find new knowledge in the village we were visiting.

On the first day, we said goodbye to our parents and went off by angkot to a place where we took a kind of mini bus. It was a long and exhausting trip. When we got there, I was surprised that we have to walk more. We went to a mosque and prayed there. After that we went to the school there which was called MI for short. There we met our parents for the rest of 7 days there. After meeting them, we took a photo and saw our house. My house was near the school which means it's very far from the mosque and the teacher's post. After that, we had to take our bags from the teacher's post and then put them in our houses. It was a really long and exhausting walk. My house was the 2nd furthest house from the teacher's post so we needed a strong mental to make it through the week. At night, my friends next to our house played to my house until its pray time and we prayed at my house before going to the mosque to join the evaluation. Then we went home and slept. 

Next day we had to wake early since walking to the mosque took so long and we had to wake our friends up along the way. So after praying we had to get ready to do the events for the day. So, we grouped up in our divisions to talk about things to do, my division was the documentation so we had to take photos of everything. That day, there was a bazaar and competitions for some of the kids there. Before the competitions, some of my friends in the education division taught the kids there. The competitions were in the field. It was a very big field and before the competition, me and my friends got to play with the kids there, it was tiring but they were really strong. After the competition, there was some exercises leaded by my friends. After that we did some rituals and had evaluation and went home. Unfortunately, the documentation division had to go to the teacher's post and copy the photos to a hardisk, then we could go home.

The next day's event was scouts for the kids in MI. The world scout team from Salman Al Farisi junior high taught the kids there. While they were teaching, the others helped make stuff like shelves for the school and some others cleaned the school by moping and wiping dusty equipments. After that, there were more competitions from us and another bazaar. The competitions were until afternoon. Then I had to go back to the school to document another competition. After that I went home and took a break and after that I went to the teacher's post to make a film of it, it actually wasn't finished.

Next day was the medical division's event. There was a free check up and free medicine. This was the start of my melting heart. So, I saw 3 elders that couldn't even walk there, at first I was fine but then I felt sad and all sorts of feelings and it was weird. There was also a bazaar near there.

Next day there was baksos in the morning then continued by posyandu and there were so many cute little kids but it was sad to see them cry. I took photos there, then I went to the mosque to document the religion division which was a competition. Some of them were really good actually.

Friday. On friday morning, there was jumat bersih. As the tittle says, me and my friends cleaned the village. We were all excited. I wish they could realize the importance of being clean. After that,  there was some competitions and a bazaar. Then there was tabligh akbar,  or a big tabligh where we listen to an uztazh speaking in front.  It continued until late afternoon to almost night. We also gave some things there. 

Saturday, the next day. There was a simple arts festival. The performers were some of my friends and some kids who already practiced.  Unfortunately i had to stay in the teacher's post at that moment.  I came to the place in the late afternoon for the closing of the arts festival. Its not really a festival,  but i don't know how to describe it. 

But before the arts festival there was something that is really unforgetable. Some people went to some of the houses to say goodbye and give some donation to some elders. I took photos and recorded it. At the first house, I didn't feel anything, my feelings were still stable. Then at the second house, i saw one of my tough friends, which is a boy, cry. I was kind of surprised, my empathy maybe grew from that moment. Then at the third house my teacher told me to give it to one of the elders. So i sat in front of her and gave it to her. She was lying down in a bed before that she told how painful it is, and i had to hold my tears since it would ruin the video. So after giving it to her, I looked into her eyes and instantly all kinds of feelings came to me and eventually i cried. So we said goodbye and we went to the teacher's post. I was in the back because i wasn't concentrating and they were already far ahead. So when i got there, some of the people were talking about me crying. It rarely happens so maybe they were amazed. So this was one of the unforgetable moments. The burst of bottled up emotions. 

The next day we said goodbye and went to a hotel to do a ceremony, then we went home to our real homes with our real parents. 

So,  this is one of my umforgetable experience,  even though I don't remember them in detail,  I remember the events and some of my feelings. Sorry to have wasted your time reading this post.  Thanks for reading ^^ . 

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