Minggu, 18 September 2016

Unique Place

Greetings, faithful readers of my blog. I shall now tell another story to entertain and inform you all.

So, the next task, I was told to tell about a unique/favorite place. I'm going to tell you one of my experiences in my junior high school, Salman Al-Farisi Junior High School. I don't really think this is my most favorite place, but this is one of the places i have in mind and still remember. 

It all began one day at 8th grade when my teacher recruited people to join expedition, a school event where some people do an expedition, i guess. After selection and a long series of events we were then chosen and we finally set off.

Since this is about 1 place, I will tell about my last day of the expedition. Since the theme was "the gift of bamboo" we went to a bamboo forest. But before going there, we had to walk a really long path to get there. Since I was joined in the documentation division, I took photos along the way. There we were greeted by 2 keepers. Here are the photos...

After some speeches we were divided into 2 groups. We went different roads which eventually leads back to the starting area. So I went to group 1 since there wasn't any photographers there. One of the keepers guided us and act as our tour guide. He told us about types of bamboo and their uses. There was so many I couldn't even remember. And since I couldn't explain all of them one by one, I'll insert some of my photos here.

So, I liked this place because of the environment. As I remembered what i liked was that the air was still clear and it feels really good to breath, it was fun walking and seeing things around me, nature is one of the fun places to take photos, it was very and even though it was kinda messy, it was lovely to see. Well the point is that it was amazing.

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